Insurance Coverage
Violand and McNerney participates with a number of insurance plans, including Blue Cross Blue Shield products, Aetna PPO products, Johns Hopkins EHP, Humana, InforMed, MultiPlan, Cigna and Coventry products.

We do not participate with any HMO plans.

In cases where a physician referral or prescription is required by your carrier, bring the referral with you to your first visit.

Workers Compensation and Personal Injury Protection (PIP)
We accept Workers Compensation and Personal Injury Protection Insurance (PIP) to the limit allowed by your carrier. Injury cases that are involved in litigation may be accepted upon review and only if special arrangements are made. If we accept your case, full payment is expected as treatment is rendered.

Violand and McNerney is a Medicare-certified out-patient provider of physical therapy services.

If you are a Medicare patient, a prescription from your medical doctor is required for treatment. Please bring it with you to your first visit.

Billing Procedures
Insurance-related information will be verified at your first visit. We will inform you of the number of visits covered by your policy, the amount of your deductible, and the estimated amount of your copayment.

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