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Initial Visit

Your first visit is a 1-hour session.  All other sessions are scheduled for 40 minutes.  Please bring copies of any surgical reports and reports of related imaging studies such as x-rays, MRIs and CT scans.  We do not need the actual films.  If you do not have the reports, please contact your physician or imaging center to have them faxed to us at 410-740-2280 before your first visit.

  • You should complete and bring to your first visit all paperwork that we sent to you before your scheduled visit.
  • Bring your physical therapy referral if your insurance company requires it.
  • Bring your prescription for treatment if you are a Medicare patient.
  • Bring or wear loose-fitting clothing so you can expose those parts of your body that will require treatment.
  • Please don’t use heavy colognes or perfumes during your treatment sessions.

During the first visit, you will provide with us a brief history and description of the nature of your condition and your presenting diagnosis (how and when it began).  Your physical therapist will then perform an initial physical assessment for such things as altered or impaired joint or vertebral motion, swelling, muscle/soft tissue shortening, muscle weakness, and loss of nerve function and mobility.  From the findings of this assessment, your therapist will formulate a functional diagnosis or a list of the factors contributing to your condition.  From the functional diagnosis, your therapist will develop a treatment plan outlining specific treatment you will be provided and the goals to be met.  Your therapist will perform periodic re-assessments to note progress and to modify the treatment plan as necessary.

Our Patients

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